I went to Linda to help me induce labor naturally. I was very stressed out but she was so calm and caring to me. She really got to know my situation and catered her service to my needs. I had 3 sessions with her and I’m happy to say that I went into labor naturally and had a fast and easy delivery. I couldn’t recommend her more highly! She is wonderful.   Mar 23, 2018

I have been seeing Linda for over 13 years and can honestly say that she is masterful at her craft. She looks at her patients holistically and is taking in information on many levels not just what their presenting issue is. And in addition to be an amazing acupuncturist, she is warm, kind, curious, genuine and easy to talk to. I would and have sent anyone to her without pause.  Mar 18, 2018

Linda is kind, intuitive, knowledgable, and calming in her practice. She is also a lovely, gentle person who leaves me feeling heard, cared for and healed each time I visit. I have noticed significant shifts in my energy and overall well being since I have been seeing her, and I feel so grateful for her skill and insights!  Mar 14, 2018

I am so happy that I was recommended Linda's absolute skill and mastery. Throughout this entire pregnancy I've received acupuncture weekly, but not until my session with Linda did I experience a shift. Linda is an absolute gem of bodily wisdom and a treasure to be cherished!  Jan 29, 2018

Linda is an extremely gifted & talented healer. She is by far one of the best acupuncturist in SF. I have been supported on so many levels from easing anxiety, healing painful menses, and healing from acute inflammatory conditions. She is surely and expert in her field, and highly recommend her healing offerings. After every session I feel a sense of calming. My mind feels clear, and my spirit feels uplifted. I am so grateful for her expertise! Jan. 24, 2018

Linda not only knows where and what to needle, she continues to educate herself with all healing modalities which she integrates beautifully within each session. Her endless support, insight and wisdom always leaves me with such clarity, a sense of well-being, in which I truly feel loved and healed. 

Not only is Linda an extremely competent professional, she is warm, caring and really goes out of her way to help her patients in any way she can. Linda is more than an acupuncturist to me. She is an advocate and supporter of my well-being. 

Linda Gruber is at the very top of my referral list for acupuncture and holistic health care. I make sure that all my pregnant clients have her number. If I could gift one thing to every woman it would be time with Linda and her needles.