Many couples turn to acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment to increase their chances of pregnancy.  Although many women are the sole recipients of this treatment, it is truly beneficial for both partners to be treated.

Acupuncture treatment effectively helps to:

 Circulate Qi and blood
 Harmonize and warm the uterus
 Increase blood flow to the ovaries
 Regulate menstrual irregularity
 Improve immune function
 Balance hormonal fluctuations
 Increase sperm motility as well as quantity
 Increase overall energy
 Increase libido

The road to fertility can be an exciting as well as stressful time.  Riding the ups and downs can be difficult not only for the woman, and her partner individually, but also on the  relationship. Acupuncture treatment reduces stress and effectively supports a calm mind, a vibrant spirit  and healthy body for pregnancy and birth.

Supporting women to conceive in what ever way they choose is the primary goal of my treatment philosophy.  Many women use acupuncture alone; others use it in conjunction with Western medicine treatments such as IUI and IVF to increase their chances of success.

Using Chinese herbs, nutritional guidance, and lifestyle modification, I like to create personalized treatment plan for each person to achieve their highest health and healing potential.